How to Hack Facebook Password – The Easy Way Using Facebook Password Sniper

How to Hack Facebook Password – The Easy Way Using Facebook Password Sniper

Facebook is no doubt the most famous and biggest social networking site at present. But, along Facebook’s growing popularity, it’s also gaining a wide attention to many hackers. So how to hack Facebook password using Facebook password sniper? There are numerous ways to hack a Facebook account. Some of these include Phishing, scripts, keylogging, and many more. But, these are the methods that are utilized by professional hackers.

Whether you have an expertise or you are a newbie and want to try some hacking techniques through hacking a Facebook account, this method will help you. However, make sure to make at least 3 fake accounts and add your target’s account as a friend. Ensure that you have access to each of these three fake accounts.

How to Hack Facebook Password – The Step by Step Guide for Hacking a Facebook Account

  1. Go to and click “Forgot Password” link. You’ll be presented with several options to recover the Facebook account’s password.
  2. Choose any from the different options. The first option will require you to fill in your target’s email address. The second option is through filling the username of your target. The third available option where you have to enter the name of your target’s name and your own name.
  3. Then, you need to click the Search button. If all of these steps were followed properly, you’ll be able to see your target’s profile picture and confirm this step through hitting “This Is My Account”.
  4. The interface will show you options to recover password with the use of your target’s email address. You can click on the link “No Longer Have Access to These”. Then, enter a new email address in the provided form. See to it that your email address shouldn’t be associated with several Facebook accounts and click the Submit button.
  5. Now you’ll be provided with the option to answer the security question that was set up by your target. If you will be able to guess the right answers to the security question, it is a huge advantage otherwise you have to enter the wrong answer for a total of three times. After you have entered a wrong answer for 3 times, you’ll be taken to several pages.
  6. You will have to choose the name of the 3 friends that are on your target’s Facebook friends. These must be the three faker accounts that you created right from the start. Then, click the button to continue to the next step.
  7. The system of Faebook will send some security codes to all of such 3 accounts selected in the previous steps. Now, try logging in to such 3 fake accounts and obtain the security codes from there and filled them in the provided form of Facebook.
  8. The last step that you need to undergo is that Facebook will send the password reset email to the email address you have entered. Through this, you will be able to get a complete access to your target’s Facebook account.

Hacking a Facebook account is simple. Just follow those steps above.